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Plush Dog Crate Set w/ Cover + Bed + Bumper Pad

Plush Dog Crate Set w/ Cover + Bed + Bumper Pad

$ 69.99


Pet Dreams’ Cratewear is a complete three piece set that includes:

  • Decorative Cover
  • Reversible Crate Pad
  • Safety Bumper

The 3 pieces will instantly turn your metal cage into a comfortable dog bedroom! Cratewear gives you the style you want and the comfort your pet deserves. Stylish crate covers reduce barking and stress. Safety bumpers protect your puppy the same way bumpers protect a baby in a crib.

The unique pattern accommodates most crates made by Midwest, Precision and others. 


Size Dimensions
XS 18"L x 13"W x 14"H
S 24"L X 18"W X 21"H
M 30"L x 20"L X 24"H
L 36" L x 23"L x 27"H
XL 42"L x 28"L x 31"H (Coco Brown Only)
XXL 48"L x 30"L x 35"H (Coco Brown Only)


Machine Washable.