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Jax and Bones Pearl Cotton Memory Foam Rectangular Bed

Memory Foam Rectangular Pillow Bed — Pearl Cotton

Memory Foam Rectangular Pillow Bed — Pearl Cotton

$ 236.00


This Memory Foam Rectangular Pillow Dog Bed by Jax & Bones features an ultrathick, high density foam constructed using a substance called viscoelactic which will mold to the body to promote a more restful sleep. Constructed using a superior quality, USA made microfiber which is ultra soft to the touch, this bed is anti-microbial and resistant to dirt and stains. Cotton blend cover is easy to clean and extremely durable. This bed features a waterproof liner that protects the memory foam and is easily laundered. To care for this bed, remove the liner and outer cover and wash in cold.


Size Dimensions Recommended Weight
M 3.5"H x 36"W x 28"D up to 50 lbs
L 5"H x 42"W x 36"D up to 90 lbs


Made in the USA.

Jax & Bones provides a 5 year guarantee that the foam will not flatten.