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Sleeper Dog Bed — Lark Ivory

Sleeper Dog Bed — Lark Ivory

$ 104.00


Designed like a sofa, this Sleeper Dog Bed by Jax & Bones is guaranteed to provide snooze-worthy comfort for your four-legged friend while being a stylish addition to your home decor. 

Made from soft and extremely durable textured woven fabric. Center pad is tufted and provides extra support and comfort for your canine companion. Bolstered sides feature removable inserts. This comfortable dog bed is overstuffed with Sustainafill™ allergy-free eco-friendly fiber filling.

Great for high traffic use in homes that are looking for a more unique fabric for their dog bed.


 Size Outer Dimensions Inner Dimensions Recommended Weight
S 24" x 18" x 7" 17" x 11" up to 15 lbs
M 32" x 27" x10" 24" x 18" up to 45 lbs
L 39" x 32" x 10" 29" x 23" up to 70 lbs
XL 48" x 40" x 10"  36" x 30" up to 110 lbs


Cover is machine washable.     

Made in the USA.