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Jax & Bones Donut Nesting Dog Bed — Arctic Shag

Donut Dog Bed — Arctic Shag

Donut Dog Bed — Arctic Shag

$ 118.00


The Donut Bed by Jax and Bones is made to embrace the natural way dogs like to rest and recharge. Constructed using a soft plush velour fabric, this bed is designed to offer a safe sleeping place for your pup. Cover and inner pillowcase unzip to make it easy to machine wash and dry cover. Overstuffed sides are filled using hypoallergenic fiber, Sustainafill.



Outer Dimensions

Inner Dimensions

Recommended Weight


28" x 24" x 7"

17" x 15"

up to 25 lbs


35" x 28" x 8"

23" x 16"

up to 50 lbs


43" x 32" x 9"

33" x 19"

up to 75 lbs


50" x 38" x 11"

38" x 25"

up to 110 lbs